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Our professional, university-educated teachers encourage students to develop a love of learning and a desire to succeed. They maintain the highest integrity and concern for your child’s wellbeing.

The principal is responsible for the educational leadership and management of our school. If you would like to speak to the principal, please contact us to make an appointment.

Our school administrative staff can answer inquiries or direct you to the appropriate staff member for help.

Guildford Public School Staffing Positions

(as of) Term 3 - 2023

Executive and Administration Staff

Principal: Mr Haberecht
Deputy Principal: Ms Willis
Deputy Principal T&L: Mrs Luongo
Assistant Principals: Mrs Tanak 
(Support Unit)
Miss Bryceland  (Early Stage 1)
Miss Mete  (Stage 1)
Mrs Kim  (Stage 2)
Miss Di Biase (rel) (Stage 3)
Assistant Principals - Curriculum and Instruction: Mr Crowther
Mrs Rana
Administration Manager (SAM) & Business Manager: Ms Coaldrake
Administration Officers (SAO): Mrs Bosnjak
Mrs Karananos
Mrs Ghassibe (Mon - Thu)
Mrs Ayyash (Thu & Fri)
Learning Support Officers (SLSO): Mrs Thorne
Mrs Rees
Mrs Lopes
Ms  D'addabbo
Mrs Geagea
Mrs Mahfouz
Mrs Budini (Mon, Wed & Thu)
Mrs Koussan (Tue - Thu)
Miss Mai (Mon, Wed & Fri)
Miss Berti (Tue - Fri)
Mr Thorne
Mrs Muniba
Learning Support Officers (SLSO) Bilingual: Mrs Muniba (Mon - Wed & Fri)
Literacy and Numeracy Assessment Teacher (LANA): Mrs Daher (Wed)
Community Liaison Officers (CLO): Mrs Daher (Tue & Thu)
Mrs Muniba (Thu)
Technical SUpport Officers (TSO): Mr Giuseppe (Mon - Wed & Fri)
Miss Layana (Tue - Thu)
General Assistants (GA): Mr Foster (Mon - Thu)
Mr Dennis (Fri)

Specialist Roles Staff

Teacher Librarian: Miss A. Jones
RFF: Miss Gibbons
English as an Additional Language or Dialect Teachers
Miss De Marco
Mrs Lazras
Mrs Rita Edge (Thu & Fri)
Mrs Mishalow (Wed)
Student Learning & Support Teachers (SLO): Mrs Hemming (Mon - Thu)
Mrs Byrnes (Mon & Tue)
Miss R. Jones
Community Languages Teachers: Mrs Soyral
Mrs Elkhaled (Mon, Tue & Thu)
Executive Release Teacher: Ms Wanasawage (Thu & Fri)
Floating Teacher: Mrs Hayek
Mr Huynh (Wed & Thu)
Miss Khan (Tue & Thu)
Miss McConville (Tue & Fri)
Miss La Spina
Mrs Youssef (Mon & Tue)
Counsellor: Ms Artin (Tue - Thu)
Staff/Student Wellbeing Officer: Mrs Hellstrom (Tue - Thu)
Speech Pathologists:
Isabella Bonaccorso (Wed)
KINDY Bianca Sartoretto (Fri)
YEAR 1 Shayma El-ahmad (Wed & Fri)
Occupational Therapist: Lily Iqbal (Thu)


Classroom Teachers

Nangamay (Support Unit)
  Teacher SLSO
MARIONG Miss Hassanpour Miss Crammond
BUBUK Miss Couper Mrs Estephan
GARRAWAY Mrs RMishalow
(Mondays & Tuesdays)
Mrs Bartlett
Mrs Tanak
(Wednesdays - Fridays)

Early Stage 1
Miss Bryceland
(Assistant Principal)
KL Miss Lan
KD Miss D’souza KA Ms Assaf
KR Mrs Bradshaw  

Stage 1
1M Miss Mete
(Assistant Principal)
2HB Mrs Hawli
(Mondays - Wednesdays)
1S Miss Senico Mrs Bazzi (Thu & Fri)
1A Mrs Ahmed 2C Miss  Chanthapanya
1B Miss  Bakopoulos 2V Miss Vural
1L Mrs Lianos 2B Miss Bromwich

Stage 2

Mrs Kim
(Assistant Principal)

4J Mr Johnson
3A Mrs Ali 4M Miss Mai
3D Mrs Dayoub 4O Mr O’boyle

Stage 3
5D Miss Di Biase
(Assistant Principal)
6A Miss An
5E Ms Este 6N Mr Nicolacopoulos
5M Mr Minnis 6Y Ms Yang